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Car Tinting
Quality Window Tinting & Blinds is a family-owned and -operated company based out of Sarasota, Florida. Owners Stephen and Pam Black have over 38 years of experience specializing in commercial, residential, and automotive window tinting as well as commercial and residential blinds.
We offer product lines such as Madico Window Films, Vista Window Blinds, with a wide variety of services including commercial, residential, and automotive window tinting, blinds, automotive detailing, and window cleaning services. We believe that quality doesn’t cost, it pays because we offer products and services that save you time and lower energy bills. We strive to provide you with the highest quality window solutions that will provide comfort, safety, and a great appearance.
Window Tinting Film

Benefits of Window Film

Window film can help protect your family, employees, self, and belongings from harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage skin, cause eyestrain, cause fading, and ruin valuable items. It also adds beauty to your windows while saving energy at the same time!
What are some of the benefits of window tinting film?
Protect décor, artwork, antiques, rugs, drapery and furnishings - Window film blocks the sun’s UV rays from fading your rugs, draperies and artwork.

Keep your family healthy and protected - It protects your family’s skin from damaging UV exposure. You wouldn’t let your children bake in the sun outside for hours – protect them indoors, too.

Make home a more comfortable environment - Window film can stop up to 80% of solar energy coming through windows! This prevents uncomfortable hotspots in your home, or inconsistent temperatures.

Protect your home and family from dangerous ultraviolet (UV) exposure inside - It keeps furnishings, drapes and artwork from fading and protects skin too. It also reduces glare so you can enjoy natural light, even when the sun drops toward the horizon, or the snow on the ground is reflecting UV rays upward. Morning or afternoon, winter or summer, window film makes it easier to see inside a room, or to look out without squinting!

Deliver peace of mind, and real safety - Safety window film lets you rest easily, knowing your windows can offer more protection from a would-be intruder breaking glass to enter your home or from damage done from projectiles like gravel or small tree branches flying into your windows in severe weather. Window film keeps shattered glass in place, rather than showering in through your home.

Enjoy a consistently comfortable, healthier, more environmentally sensitive and safer home environment - Professionally installed window film blocks ultraviolet (UV) rays from fading artwork and fabrics. It also keeps shattered glass in place in the event of breakage from storms or intrusions, adding an extra layer of protection to treasures and people inside.

High Energy Costs? Window Film Can Help!
  • Window film blocks UV and heat rays, while letting visible light in – This means up to a 30% reduction in cooling costs! In hot weather, you can reduce energy consumption by using less air conditioning, while making your home more comfortable.
  • It allows you to enjoy natural light without worrying – Turn off the energy-consuming electric bulbs and save even more.
  • It is a carbon-negative product – Owners of older homes considering the installation of new windows should think again! Window film delivers 7x the energy saving benefits per dollar spent compared with installing replacement windows.
  • It increases efficiency – Professionally installed window film reduces solar heat gain to maintain consistent temperatures inside buildings, so heating and cooling systems work efficiently, reducing hot spots and saving on energy bills.
  • It’s green – The environmental impact of investing in window film is significantly less than removing old windows, disposing of them, and replacing them with newly manufactured winds. Window film is also a much less invasive project compared with replacing your window

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